our menu

Our menu is reserved exclusively for guests of the farm, is vegetarian and vegan. The farm is certified VeganOk.

Breakfast includes tea, coffee, barley, milk, rice milk, oats, soybeans, biscuits, cookies, homemade bread, organic jams, rice flakes, oats, spelled and traditional cakes and homemade vegan.

Dinner is a set menu that includes: a first course, two courses of a second, two side dishes, desserts (fruit or dessert), water and coffee.

In our farm you will find pasta and homemade breads, pizzas, pies, cakes and cookies baked in our wood-burning oven, seitan product from us, all made with organic flour.

The vegetables, fruits, olive oil, arise from our garden and from organic farms in the area. For our recipes use fresh vegetables, so the menu is seasonal.

Please let us know in advance if you have special food allergies or intolerances.
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